A Peaceful Afternoon of Sailing. Then Lunch/Dinner or BOTH!


Dine with us Oct 16th or the 17th or 18th

Frisky Dolphin Lunch/Dinner Reservations in Pensacola on Oct 16th - Ask for the Caregiver's table!

Some sail, some don't, some will, some won't.  We only want to make a place where caregivers can engage one another at their own comfort levels over food, drinks, conversation or just a relaxing evening setting on the outside deck watching the boats and other activities.

We have reserved lunch and dinner tables for up to 10 people at 11ish and at dinner at 7ish on October 16th at The Frisky Dolphin, and then we move on the 17th and 18th to L J Schooners in Niceville, were we're also offering affordable 2 1/2 hour sailing charters at the same location by MidBay Sailing. MAKE CERTAIN TO SECURE YOUR SAILING RESERVATION HERE AND YOUR NICEVILLE, L J SCHOONER RESERVATIONS  HERE

(Both dining establishments request you to order off of their regular menu.) 


2017 Winner of Best New Restaurant by VIP Pensacola Magazine! 2018 Winner of Best Gumbo!

2017 Winner of Best New Restaurant for the Pensacola News Journal - Best of the Bay!

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