What's a Caregiver, Defined?

It's better to seek out information that credible, third party research and publicly advocating non-profits have already found at Pew Research and, but the answer...just the statistics will astound you.

About CaregiverSoul - We Know It and Live It


25+ Years a Caregiver and Little Support

It's difficult to characterize how this journey, for me, this site manager, a caregiver from the age of 42 until now, with a lot, so much, written about caregiving but little about what happens to caregiving spouses, parents and children, whose needs are somehow never addressed realistically.  I needed to speak into this without personalizing to my own journey, encouraging others to feel to do so for themselves


Caregiving - a 24/7 Gift to the Patient

Unfortunately, even when it's only part time, it can overwhelm the life of the caregiver because of the heavy responsibility load, little to no local support and family and friends that run the other way, leaving the caregiver behind to fend for themselves in an avocation that is not income earning, eliminates the ability to maintain a career and can become personally economically and emotionally destructive.


Caregiving Can Swallow a Caregivers Life

So, we' decided...a number of us... to pro-actively engage and support all kinds of caregivers all over the English speaking world. What we learned? We're all the same... overwhelmed and in need of safe places to network and get social relieve from others that know us best, OTHER caregivers.

We believe in Facebook


Social media is criticized broadly, but it has become a lifeline to those isolated by circumstances, geography or privacy.  Facebook, via 'closed' caregiver group pages, a variety of which serve many tens of thousand of caregivers daily, is where our lead social media contact is focused. 

We believe in helping the Caregiver


The patients have little help, generally, so even if a caregiver steps forward, the focus is usually only on the injured, incapacitated or sick and not the inexperienced caregiver that steps into a very difficult, sometimes unyielding responsibility.

We are sometimes radical


People need to vent, spout off, ask questions that may not always be medical about "what to do for themselves". We proactively support those efforts and contribute further... to events, products, adult topics and advice, and other topics major and normally supportive non-profits can't risk to support.



Caregiver Contributions...NO $ - Just Say How It Is, or Was, for You and Yours

Write us and tell us what your opinions are are make the copy interesting, hard hitting, credible and factual. We'll credit you, put your name on it and publish it to other caregivers.  We want the truth and solutions from those in the trenches without worrying what donors or advertisers think...let us have it!


How do you get started?

Simply email us... click on our contact page.  We'll connect you to appropriate Facebook pages and help you get answers, relationships with others who are in your same position, products, recreation and more.